gmtkMy game for the GMTK Game Jam 2020, Explosive Golf3 months
esolangsesolang-related stuff in clojureNihilazo9 months
fsr_padsTools for FSR-based dance pads. Unmaintained.Nihilazo9 months
improviz-vimVim plugin for the improviz live-coding environmentNihilazo8 months
pipboyPython code for a pi-powered pipboy prop. Unmaintained.Nihilazo9 months
sdvx-controllerCode for my Sound Voltex controller.Nihilazo9 months
convert2davinciConverter for sane slicers to the Da Vinci 3d printer format. Unmaintained.Nihilazo9 months
gbprinterTools for the gameboy printerNihilazo9 months
pspdownloadA downloader tool for PSP games. Unmaintained.Nihilazo9 months
samplesA WIP sample library manager for text-editor natives. UnmaintainedNihilazo7 months
sikeA radial menu for linux touch devicesNihilazo6 weeks
vimwiki-timewA poor vim plugin for timewarror. Unmaintained.Nihilazo9 months
yamsYet another mangadex scraper. Designed to be used with a feed reader like newsbo...Nihilazo9 months
breakdown-webappA webapp for calculating ITG stream breakdowns. Unmaintained.Nihilazo9 months
burnedMy old hugo theme. Unmaintained.Nihilazo9 months
personal-siteScripts for my personal websiteNihilazo3 days
zola-samZola theme for my old personal website, based on samNihilazo5 months